Central America, the first time round

To the fun ==//>

Hi, this is my third travelogue. It was recorded in the margins of an mexican road atlas, which didn't help too much outside of mexico i might add. Thus it contains more details, but also some of local color, that i managed to salvage from anchoring my thoughts to the moments recorded in the journal. It took me an entire year to get all my thoughts out of the atlas and into digital form. I hope that that was quick enough to save some of the moments from the oblivion that is the land of forgotten.

This trip was my preeminent trip, the only trip i had imagined myself doing since becoming a bike owner. As i was driving home from Louisiana, on my newly purchased bike the only thoughts on my mind were of Central America (also the biting wind, and bug impacts). The reason Central America was on my mind was many fold, but i feel that if you are going to read my tale, I should at least share why that is. First of all it is contiguously close. Adventure in your backyard, so to speak. Secondly, it is underdeveloped, which means the roads are fun and dangerous, the sights are striking and compelling and most importatn, it would be diffrent than what i surround myself in daily. Finally i wanted to see the point where civilization ended. THe darien gap is just that, a region where people have not penetrated, a place where our machines and comforts do not exist. A place that has resisted all our efforts of civilization. THis place lies beyond the roads, where the roads do not go. The world as we know it stops between Panama and Columbia. I wanted to see this with my own eyes, in my mind it is more important than any sea, moutain peak or ancient ruin. Its not about nature, and its not about man, it is a testament to the conflict of man and nature, an impasse in the battle, for now we are resigned to going around by sea, or over by air, the gap is one of the few places where mankind has failed at least for now.

All my other trips have been sort of a training day for this big show. I had originally intended to go with a friend of mine, but as the time of departure grew near, it became clear i would be going alone. I decided to go ahead with my plans, In june of 2004 i set off alone, to find the end of the road.

To the fun ==//>