Euroland Compendium

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During the summer of 2003, peter invited me to join him bumming around europe. His classes in italy were over and my summer would be free, so we had three months to do everything, and nothing. This website had recently come online in a new variety, the ever present "weblog" variety, so i setup an online travel journal for our adventure. Unlike my previous trip logs, these entries were all entered infront of a computer terminal, during minutes i was renting from somebody, i think you will find their composition and style diffrent from the travel journals style of my first and third road trips. There are nearly sixty entries covering some 3 months.Each entry contains the highlights of what had happened in the days between computer access.

In addition to the text i have included over 100 of the best pictures from my camera, thats 100 photos out of the over 4,000 i took. When i say best i dont mean the most beautiful, however there are plenty of those. I mean the pictures that most acurrately tell the tale as we saw it, if a picture meant something to me, i couldnt include it, it had to mean many things to me, and hopefully many to you aswell. These are pictures of places and ideas, but not of people. You may find one or two people in my shots, but these are not people, only subjects. There are two exceptions, one is the holding cell in Switzerland, before my camera was confiscated, and the other is helpful turkish people who pulled my car from the cotton field. These two shots are uniquely about the people, and not the subject.

The image above traces our route with a sort of kindergarten quality, each day gets a new color, and nights are denoted by the large blobs. Enjoy.

Onward to the trip report!